Jolyn’s Cat


The Egyptians knew

A thing or two about cats.

Turning otherness

Into godhead.

Sc-fi followers

Claimed an alien

Origin for the feline genus:




As many names for ‘cat’

As there are …


Blue eyes knowing.

Eyes that divine what

I am thinking.

Unblinking orbs

Around the planet of us.

My inner life,

Ever decreasing circles

Until you become one

With me and I with you.

Those eyes of blue touching,

Probing. The intensity

Densely excavating my

Hidden layers. Laying bare the ‘sum’

Of my ‘cogito’.

Your forensic stare

Classifies, catalogues, discards;

Files away for future use

As you sharpen tidy claws

On exposed flesh.

Hypnotic, hypnotised,

I lose myself in

The dark depths.

I, unwilling, share


You, nothing.

Contact broken.

I am dropped from notice

But I am changed

By our wordless conversation.

Saying nothing

You said it all:

‘I know you’

Lynda Mcmahon

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